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Monthly Restorative Yoga + Live Sound Bath

Treat yourself to a restful, insightful, and peaceful experience of Restorative yoga alongside a Live Sound Bath.

Restorative Yoga is a practice that utilizes bolsters, blankets, and blocks to support the body into feeling held. Softening in this way increases our parasympathetic response within our nervous system; instilling an embodied sense of connection to oneself.

A Live Sound Bath will be weaved throughout to facilitate the experience. Sound Baths have a soothing effect on the body through the vibrational tones that are emitted. Our nervous system responds to these vibrations which allows our body to release any held tension and stress. In addition, the sound vibrations open up both hemispheres of the brain allowing for a wider perspective, an increase in intuition, and evoking a deeper sense of peace within.

We will end with journaling and optional sharing. All are invited and welcome.

Please bring your yoga mat, comfort items (pillow, blanket, etc.), journal, and pen.

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