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Trauma happens when there is a disruption or overwhelm beyond our body-minds capacity to adapt. It can occur when:

  • there is too much too soon.

  • there is too much for too long.

  • there is not enough for too long.

  • power and agency have been taken away.

  • stressors outweigh resources available.

  • there is not enough time, space, and permission to heal.

What happens is our body then stores the trauma. We may feel stuck in the trauma response, triggered by certain sensory cues, and be flooded with memories and physical responses. There may be a sense of powerlessness and groundlessness that interferes with our existence and capacity to be in the present moment. 

Trauma therapy helps to release lodged memories and experiences in the body. All to aid in discharging the energy that is no longer serving our present life so that we may begin to restore safety within. This also allows an unfolding into the unique wisdom and resiliency that innately resides inside of us.

Somatic Trauma Therapy Offerings:

Somatic Therapy

Somatic psychotherapy brings the focus of sessions into the physical body. Our bodies store memories and experiences that have happened throughout our life that can often go beyond words and cognition. This form of therapy is unique in that it is tapping into the natural brilliance and wisdom of our body that speaks to us through sensation, emotion, images, body language, etc. 

My approach is to gently guide clients into orienting to their unique nervous systems responses to life, build tools and somatic resources, bridge the gap between the mind and body, and release stored experiences.

It is a delicate and intentional process that I hold a lot of sensitivity, awareness, and love for. I facilitate these sessions by honoring the wisdom of your own body with consent along the way. My aim is to bring you back home to your heart, to your inner child, and to bloom into the expansiveness of your own being. 

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