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A Bit of My Story

A part of cultivating a beneficial therapeutic relationship is dependent upon building trust and expressing vulnerability. This can feel challenging to do with a stranger so I have shared a little bit here about my journey and how it led m3e to become a psychotherapist. It was through traversing my own trauma and challenging experiences that inspired me to walk along with others. It can feel lonely to figure it out alone. I am here to guide and bear witness to your journey from a deep understanding of the courage it takes to do this.

 ​I see my life as a constant unfolding and discovery process. There have been experiences throughout my life that have shaped my journey in a profound way and led me to land on my life’s work as a psychotherapist. Namely, in my adolescence, witnessing the death of someone whom I had a close yet troubling relationship with. I saw, at such a tender and potent age, the last breath of life being taken. It was an experience that shook me to my core and riddled me with questions about the universe, the meaning of life, and how beautiful yet fragile this human existence is. This prompted my spiritual quest to understand my own suffering, its interconnectedness with the world around me, and how I wanted to live my precious life. This experience also showed me how there are not enough spaces to process taboo topics. I fully believe that we all need space to process such a significant part of life. I value, wholeheartedly, every part of this human experience and welcome in the taboo with a judgement-free presence.


I am also a movement enthusiast. Growing up, I was an athlete and ended up playing collegiately for a little bit. This inspired my B.S. in Exercise Science which led me to discover many different styles of movement practice. I had become attuned to the typical athlete mindset of grinding, hustling, and bypassing the pain. This mindset, while it may serve the goal of athletics, ended up becoming my coping mechanism in most areas of my life. It is how I survived and for that, my heart is grateful. It also beckoned me to make some needed shifts towards healing in my life. Yoga, bodywork, dancing, weightlifting, and nature walks became my movement medicine. However, it wasn't until I began receiving somatic therapy, that I truly began to mend some of the challenging experiences throughout my life. This led to a softening and process within; %completely transforming my relationship with myself.


Body-centered therapy also led me to discover the brilliant, colorful world right here inside of me. Through this, my spiritual journey became an embodied journey. My relationship to my body became integral to my connection with others, the Earth and the Universe. I believe, wholeheartedly, that our mind, body, spirituality and emotions are all deeply connected.  My experiences throughout my life have led my path to be here, in this moment, walking along with others on their journey with an embodied understanding of what its like to be on the other side of the therapy. chair.


I have dived into spiritual studies through yoga, mindfulness, bodywork, and Eastern philosophies. I have cultivated practices within my life with plant medicine, grounding practices,  and cyclical living with the moon and nature.  I have received a body-centered art therapy certification to invite in some play (I love play!) for some inner child healing. I blend this all with my education as a psychotherapist to create a holistic, therapeutic, wholesome relationship to journey inwards. 


​It is an honor to walk with others on their path and something I hold dear to my heart.

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